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Unexplored Interior by Jay O. Sanders

Jay O. Sanders is a writer, but he also sometimes narrates episodes of NOVA, and after I met him I also realized he played Ziggy on Roseanne.  He shook my hand and everything.  Roseanne is my favourite sitcom so I’m totally honoured.  The reading was very well done, with fancy sound cues and everything, and it featured a large ensemble cast with some of the highlights being Michael McKean, better known as Mr. Green from Clue, and Benjamin Thys, better known as Leopold in Sleep No More. (This play also features a man named Leopold who is from Belgium.  This character was not performed by Ben Thys, which, as someone pointed out, seems like a missed opportunity.  He does, however, get to speak with a French accent, and also play a Bellhop.)

Curious to see where this play goes and where it might fit in with the NYC theatre scene.  The subject matter of the genocide in Rwanda seemed to captivate the audience quite easily, but the audience was clearly a select group of people who are used to exploring difficult subject matter in theatre.  I imagine it would be a hard sell for a typical audience, but could find a niche if it continues to appeal to the Jewish population as much as it has already (it was performed at the Jewish Heritage Museum and post-show discussion was heavily focused on the similarities and differences between the Holocaust and the genocide in Rwanda).  Kind of a smart move when you consider how many Broadway producers are Jewish.

This could be something to watch out.  It’s a tough one but a good one.  And I would kill to see Ben Thys actually get to perform in a staged reading or an actual play again, and I’m pretty sure you would too.